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Medical Pricepoint is creating a new health care financing solution and we invite your participation at no cost. This solution allows providers to set their own fees and offer services in a transparent environment where the patient selects providers based on multiple factors including price, experience, prior outcomes for a given elective service and prior patient satisfaction based upon data you have collected or is available in the public domain.

We help providers to easily participate in new reference based pricing health plans with a site for providers to set their Medicare-based reimbursement rate expressed as a multiplier of Medicare rates. 

We also submit requests to providers asking for their best cash price for services needed by our members. We send providers the patient's prior and current medical history, current medications and a defined scope of services that will constitute the basis for generating a fee response.


Simply click on the Provider Registration icon to register and submit your required Medicare-based reimbursement rate. There are no fees to join. Once your credentials are validated, you will be qualified to receive requests for service from our members. There is no obligation for you to generate a response. We will simply continue to notify you of opportunities as they arise thereafter.

Patient Purchasing Assistant does not provide legal or medical advice. We strongly believe that required medical procedures are best determined by medical providers. We do not interfere with the patient/doctor relationship. We will coordinate discussions with patients, their health care provider and health plan to ensure there is no confusion regarding costs to be paid by the patient.