We give health benefit plans the tools to reduce costs by more than 25% without increasing out of pocket costs for patients.

Our mission is to enable individuals to make fully informed decisions concerning their health care options.

The primary problem with the runaway cost for health care is the complete lack of any control. The cost for delivering any product or service within the U.S. health care system is now completely unknown. Pricing is now either imposed by a government for entitlement programs or, in the private sector, pricing is established in an opaque setting by negotiations between providers of medical services and insurance companies. What no now knows is the true dynamic market price for those services.

Medical Pricepoint brings the real pricing numbers to the patient and to the employer that has a health plan benefit. Our technology determines the actual cost, both fixed and variable, for delivering any service and researches what an individual provider is currently accepting for payment. Based upon this information, Medical Pricepoint determines the fair reference price it uses for its “Reference Based Reimbursement” (RBR) service which includes a reasonable margin for the service provider. This is the only data analysis approach that is currently accepted as valid by both federal and state courts across the country. It is now the “gold standard” for repricing medical claims. Click here to learn more.