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Fair Payment

Medical Pricepoint helps self-funded plans and their members establish fair market prices for any given service or products they utilize within the health care system. Medical Pricepoint does all the background research and presents the options, by line-item in a comprehendible format that enables informed decision making. America will never have a market based health care system without this assistance.

Our Fair Payment system reprices every submitted medical claim and pays the claim at current real market rates which incorporates a fair margin for the provider of services. The rates we pay are well below the fee schedules that insurance companies have negotiated with health care providers.

Medical Pricepoint’s Fair Payment Program incorporates plan and patient indemnification against provider balance billing financial liability. Medical Pricepoint handles all provider inquiries concerning plan payments under the Fair Payment Program and provides legal defense and resolution of provider balance billing if and when necessary.

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  • A complimentary analysis of self-funded plans' paid claims data to determine savings under Medical Pricepoint's Fair Payment Program.
  • Plan Administrator free training and access to software used to re-price claims based on Medicare Rates, regionally adjusted by Medical Service Area