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At the plan’s discretion, Medical Pricepoint recommends that all member out of pocket costs ( co-payments, co-insurance) and payroll deduction for employee contribution to premium cost be eliminated from the plan’s design. These financial barriers reduce access to care when it is needed and result in higher costs later, particularly for chronic conditions.

Once you and your doctor have determined a service is needed, and your health plan has determined the service is a covered benefit, Medical Pricepoint helps you get information on provider prices, credentials, and track record.

At your request, Medical Pricepoint will issue a “Medical Service Request” to specialists for the service you need. Most of the providers who will receive this request are already listed on your existing health plan provider list.

Within two weeks, Medical Pricepoint will deliver the following information on all responding specialists for your consideration:

  • An all-inclusive, guaranteed service price for the test or procedure.
  • Information on each responding specialist’s credentials, service experience, and track record.
  • Disciplinary actions, if any, taken against the provider including state licensure issues, revocation of hospital medical staff privileges, and malpractice suit history.
  • Savings to you.